digital summit of the federal government: focus on STEM education

TRIDELTA Campus / Lisa Schäfer 22.11.2023

Dealing with AI and AI in everyday life, questions about the scalability and application of research results for the economy... the Digital Summit of the federal government in Jena was inspiring!

On 20 and 21 November, numerous visitors had the opportunity to visit us at the joint stand of the "BMBF & Partner Stand: Discovering Digital Worlds of Knowledge - 26 Innovations from Education and Research". There was the opportunity to meet stakeholders from research, civil society, science and education and to join them in revitalising the multi-faceted platform for networking and knowledge transfer as part of the Federal Government's Digital Summit.

TRIDELTA CAMPUS Hermsdorf e.V. is also making its contribution on site: with next-level solutions in the areas of high-performance ceramics, cooperation, work-life balance in relation to our location and our skilled workers and sustainability, we are making our contribution to the high-tech solutions of tomorrow.
As a location initiative, TRIDELTA CAMPUS is continuously working to advance business and science. With this vision in mind, we recognise STEM education (STEM stands for mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) as one of the key skills of the present in order to master the transition to a digital future.

A special highlight yesterday was the visit from Minister Stark-Watzinger - together we got talking about the range of analogue programming with Ozobots and the key competence of STEM education. The CAMPUS's own SENSOR SPACE project presented itself as a contact point for future specialists at TRIDELTA CAMPUS Hermsdorf and in the East Thuringia region. The MI(N)Tmach programmes offered by Sensor Space invite young people to learn new things, discover their passion for STEM and explore issues themselves or under supervision.

IN BRIEF: STEM education is the key competence and we look forward to sharing this passion with (specialist) visitors, partners and interested parties.