Jonas Greif is the new MINT Master

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 20.10.2022

Jonas Greif grew up on Lake Constance and has lived in Thuringia for ten years. In 2010, he decided to study physics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. During his studies, he already gained experience in the care of children and young people. After graduating, he remained at the university as a research assistant and became involved in the "Physics for Schoolgirls" project. Since then, working with adolescents has been close to his heart:

"It is important to me to bring children and young people closer to the world in which they live. Computer technology and automation are playing an increasingly important role in society, but their understanding of how it works is rudimentary, if it exists at all. I would like to do my bit to increase the understanding of modern technology a little."

Firmly established institution as a children's and youth laboratory

What are the next steps in SENSOR SPACE?

Jonas is currently visiting our member companies that are also involved in SENSOR SPACE. There he is getting to know the companies and his contact persons on site. The aim is to understand the products, developments and applications of the companies and to derive child-friendly learning content for the SENSOR SPACE. This is intended to give the pupils an insight, especially into the working worlds of our local companies, and thus arouse their enthusiasm for an apprenticeship or dual study programme at the location.

Next on Jonas` to-do list is to set up the SENSOR SPACE room in the State Vocational School Centre Hermsdorf and to prepare the first workshops. These are planned for the end of summer. The SENSOR SPACE will also be represented at the MINT Festival from 14 - 16 September. The development of the pandemic will determine in which form the events can take place. The SENSOR SPACE mobile has already been purchased. It is an Opel Vivaro panel van with a built-in Sortimo shelving system. This means Jonas can reach pupils all over Eastern Thuringia with all the necessary equipment. The designerei is currently preparing the design of the SENSOR SPACE and thus also the labelling of the van.

These are the first steps. The goals of SENSOR SPACE are long-term:

"The SENSOR SPACE should develop into a firmly established institution as a children's and youth laboratory in Hermsdorf, the Saale-Holzland district as well as the Saale-Orla district and the Greiz district in order to get children and young people excited about technology, electronics and sensor technology in the long term," says Jonas Greif.