Local Heroes,
Global Player

The Campus hightech makers develop and support individual solutions for particularly demanding applications and extreme operating conditions. Meeting these challenges with technical know-how and high-performance materials alone is no longer enough today. We are convinced that functionality and sustainability can harmonize.

Unique and highly efficient cooperation triangle

Whether large series or niche segments, small series or even individual products: The flexible, medium-sized company structure, excellent manufacturing know-how and R&D experience make thousands of new products possible - today and in the future.

Joint projects are therefore very successful at TRIDELTA CAMPUS because, among other things, they rely on a cooperation triangle: with Fraunhofer IKTS in Hermsdorf as a research partner, the companies as production partners and the worldwide customers as application partners. In this symbiosis, new findings in basic research are generated that spur technical progress in many industries and bring new products to market maturity. At the Tridelta Campus, new ideas are thus constantly being thought up - and made. The #HightechMakers are constantly joined by new #IdeaMakers

#Hightech makers: Hermsdorf ideas are in many things.

The future is created here and now. At TRIDELTA CAMPUS, we create market-leading technology solutions for an international clientele. Developers and entrepreneurs formulate the claim to strive for global technology leadership in the digital, energetic and ecological transformation. That's why our #hightech makers represent not just a single company or product, but the expertise for an entire technology sector.

Hightech Ceramics

Sybille Kaiser Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf GmbH

Electronics and Sensors

Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH

Mechanical Engineering

Frank Burgstedt TRIDELTA Thermprozess

Laser Applications

Daniel Störzner LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH


Jens Schneider Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH


Manuela Richter eropräzisa GmbH

International Growth

Dr.-Ing. André Dronhofer H.C. Starck Hermsdorf GmbH

R & D

Prof. Dr. Ingolf Voigt Fraunhofer IKTS

The unique mixture of tradition, innovation and spirit of research characterizes our region.

Resource conservation and energy efficiency, climate protection and sustainability, safety and health are incorporated as global requirements in our future-oriented solutions. Only in this way do the worldwide benefits and acceptance of our products unfold to their full extent. All this together underpins the performance of the companies and institutes at the Hermsdorf site. 130 years of tradition and experience, creative research spirit and genuine innovation, community commitment and social responsibility characterize the extraordinary working atmosphere at TRIDELTA CAMPUS. Do you want to be part of making tomorrow's world a better place today? Then you are welcome in the international working world of #hightech makers.

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Tridelta Campus

High-tech location for ceramics & electronics

Global challenges of our time are currently raising important questions. An amazing number of technological answers to these questions come from the companies of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS. These are fascinating stories that the local #hightech makers have to tell about their products, applications and customer projects around the world.

In the focus fields of ceramics and electronics, the special mix of technology companies, industry-related service providers and research institutions at TRIDELTA CAMPUS is excellently positioned in international competition and will assert itself even more strongly in the future. Under the auspices of digitalization, sustainable use of resources and internationalization, technology solutions for almost all industries and areas of application are being developed here at the location.

Exceptional, strategic location in the heart of Europe.

The reach of the industrial cluster, which has grown historically and is focused on the future, is made possible not only by intensive local networking but also, above all, by its exceptional, strategically favorable location in the heart of Europe. Thus, the TRIDELTA CAMPUS makes the region around the Hermsdorfer Kreuz the economic focal point in Eastern Thuringia. In regional, national and international competition, the TRIDELTA CAMPUS contributes significantly to the profile of the Saale-Holzland district as an attractive place to live and work.

Global questions. Tridelta answers. We are working today on the tradition of tomorrow.

Global challenges ask us all essential questions for the present and the future. The companies of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS provide surprising, innovative? answers. They are fascinating technical solutions that the local high-tech makers deliver all over the world.

Do you want to work on the future? Come to our campus and become part of the high-tech maker family.