Seamless quality: automation of handling and testing procedures

Hermsdorf is attractive for new settlements. All industries that deal with engineering solutions in the absolute high-tech sector will find great potential for entrepreneurial development here at the Tridelta Campus. The location in the middle of Germany is favourable for quickly reaching other industry clusters and economic regions. Service providers for the engineering of measuring, testing and automation solutions have long recognised these advantages and have established themselves in Hermsdorf.

Full-service provider for automation

Automation solutions have become so essential for industrial processes that they represent the decisive criterion for success. A challenge for all those who realise such concepts. Demanding products and applications, e.g. from manufacturers in the automotive industry, medical technology or analytical measuring technology, require automated equipment for quality assurance. These measuring and testing procedures are designed by the specialists in Hermsdorf on the one hand as a solution accompanying development, and on the other hand as a solution accompanying production. From the birth of a product to series production, this results in seamless quality control. Nowadays, industrial customers need complete automation suppliers who can provide task-related engineering including hardware, software and database solutions. The teams at the Tridelta Campus have relevant experience in the automotive, testing technology and electronics sectors.

Safety in all processes

The customer requirements in each project are different, as they always depend on product specifics and process sequences. Individual system solutions for handling the parts and measuring the decisive parameters are then required. The goal is to gain safety in all processes through automated repetition under constant conditions around the clock.

Finding optimisation potential with intelligent data analysis

Over certain periods of time, this creates a lot of data that is stored in databases and can be evaluated by intelligent tools. Optimisation potentials become visible and can be incorporated into the improvement of production. One advantage of the solutions from Hermsdorf is their scalability from production start-up with small quantities to series production with large quantities. Automation creates controlled, reproducible processes in industrial production: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with 100 percent coverage.

Cross-company development projects

The high-tech environment at the Tridelta Campus offers an excellent climate for innovations in automation solutions. Many manufacturers of complex and diversified ceramic components are being challenged to develop ever new production processes. The reason for this is the trend towards integrating more and more functions in the smallest possible space in electronic components with ceramic parts - and this in all key industries. Quality requirements are increasing, quality control is becoming more demanding. The engineering service providers at the Hermsdorf site can react to this and contribute their know-how to R&D.

Work at the interface of hardware and software

Anyone who wants to master the field of automation needs many skills from the professional fields of electronics and IT. In the development of hardware components, the focus is on electronics and construction, and in software development on user interfaces and usability, databases and data evaluation. At the Tridelta Campus, software developers with a high affinity for hardware components and hardware designers with an understanding of process sequencing are in demand.

Do you want to work on the future? Come to our campus and become part of the high-tech maker family.

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