Changing mobility

The change in mobility is accelerating. A decline in combustion vehicles is becoming apparent, electric vehicles are conquering the market. Electromobility with battery and hydrogen storage as well as autonomous driving will shape the road scene in a few years. This will require countless sensors to provide all the necessary data inside and outside vehicles. Freight transport on modern electrified rail lines and the worldwide expansion of train routes are also important pillars in the mobile transformation of our time.

The companies at the Tridelta Campus are a key player within this development with their innovative products. In Hermsdorf, they produce reliable and precise electronics, sensor technology and ferrite components for the automotive sector. This makes new comfort and safety applications in vehicles possible, as well as future-oriented solutions for autonomous and environmentally friendly driving. Railway sensors from the Tridelta Campus ensure the safe transport of people and cargo. Ceramic-based technologies such as piezo or hybrid technology form the basis for unique products with international application and competitive advantages.

Global challenges and solutions from TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Control and power electronics for the comfort and safety area of automobiles as well as for controlling functions inside the vehicle
  • Mobility safety by means of position-giving sensor technology for the detection of angles and travel paths as well as magnetostrictive sensors for actuators
  • Driving safety through infrared sensors for measuring gas concentrations in interior spaces and breath alcohol detection of the driver
  • Wireless charging of energy storage units with soft ferrite-based components for electromobility (prototype construction)
  • Heating systems for consumption-optimised vehicles based on PTC heaters
  • Control of petrol pumps, DC motors and actuators, seat adjusters and fans using magnetic segments and ferrite powders
  • Vibration and oscillation measurement on trains and rail vehicles with vibration sensors  and  rate-of-rotation sensors for curve detection for active
  • Derailment protection and predictive maintenance
  • New concepts for data acquisition for the digitalisation of the mobility sector