Clean Air

Maintaining clean air is a global requirement, especially for operators of technical plants with thermal processes, manufacturers of vehicles and all plants with emissions. The reduction of pollutants and greenhouse gases is therefore one of the essential topics in environmental and agricultural technology. This requires safe and effective processes and products in industrial waste gas and exhaust air purification technology, in municipal and industrial waste recycling and in biogas plants. Technological progress in the application of technical ceramics  as well as microelectronics and sensor technology at the Tridelta Campus makes a significant contribution to this. Combustion processes can be made more efficient and emissions of harmful gases reduced through the use of high-tech ceramics and sensor technology.

Clean Water

The elixir of life of the blue planet - The existence of humans, animals, plants directly depends on clean water.  As the global demand for water increases, the supply of drinking water  must also be ensured through water treatment and cycle closure. The main issue here is the conservation of natural water resources for global ecosystems. Unique technical solutions of nanofiltration based on technical ceramics support the treatment of wastewater. This also increases the possibilities of opening up water cycles. This ensures the improvement of a worldwide availability of clean drinking water.

Global challenges and solutions from TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Wastewater treatment and processing with ceramic membranes for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration
  • Pneumatic transport of fly ash through ceramic fittings with pipe wear protection
  • Protection of corrosive and abrasive liquids with ceramic pipelines
  • Air conditioning and heat recovery with ceramic heat exchangers
  • Exhaust gas monitoring to control limit values and leak detection of gases at industrial plants with NDIR gas sensors
  • Monitoring of growth and fruit ripening processes with sensors for measuring CO2 and fruit ripening gases such as ethene
  • Flue gas desulphurisation with ceramic catalysts, hot gas filters and fittings
  • Recovery of valuable substances from mining water and recycling in agriculture