Sustainable and secure energy

Energy is the engine of our modern life. The products of the Tridelta Campus have been leading the way in the representation of energy for over 100 years. [In the future, we will be dependent on the provision of energy with a good CO2 balance in order to effectively counteract climate change. Regenerative energies and innovative energy storage systems are therefore strong growth segments. Natural fluctuations in the availability of solar and wind energy must be technically compensated for by suitable storage options. The conversion, storage and distribution of energy are therefore among the most elementary topics of technological development.

At the Tridelta Campus, an innovation was created from technical procelain. Ceramic insulators from Hermsdorf made global electrification possible at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, research institutes and companies are developing ceramic-based components for the next generation of efficient and resource-saving energy storage systems. The researchers are also involved in innovative processes for energy generation that use the positive properties of ceramic components, for example: fuel cells, systems for the use of environmental energy (energy harvesting of waste heat and motion) and thermal process technologies for bioenergy.

Global challenges and solutions from the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Ceramic energy storage as rechargeable batteries for mobile and stationary applications
  • High-voltage protection with ceramic surge arresters
  • energy-autonomous systems with piezoelectric elements in the form of surface converters
  • Coal gasification and liquefaction plants with ceramic pressure-relief systems and (partly) ceramic fittings with pipe wear protection
  • Treatment of biogas using ceramic membranes for CO2/CH4 separation
  • Dewatering of biofuels using ceramic membranes for pervaporation/vapour permeation
  • Power-to-gas and power-to-chemicals through new process concepts with catalytic membrane reactors"