Automation and modern production

Automation, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 are the buzzwords of the industrial development of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Electronic solutions and components with the highest standards are in demand for the realisation of these strategies. The high-tech location at the Tridelta Campus in Central Germany finds intelligent answers to these questions with its unique portfolio of components, machines and versatile development know-how.

The #hightech makers from Hermsdorf work to ensure that machines and systems function and are monitored safely even in harsh environments. There is no way around technical ceramics as the basis for components and electronics. The Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf stands for market-leading expertise in ceramic technologies in a wide variety of manifestations.

Global challenges and solutions from the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Wear protection of plants and systems with ceramic components and ceramic coatings for the processing of aggressive media.
  • Furnace and mechanical engineering with components made of silicon carbide, incl. tool and mould construction; optimising thermal processes (drying, calcining, firing) through the development and manufacture of industrial furnaces, special furnaces, inert gas furnaces
  • efficient heat exchangers in the form of ceramic honeycombs
  • Industrial electronics: measurement and signal processing of physical quantities with electronic assemblies,  current conversion  based on soft ferrite components for coils and inductors; sensor technology in the entire range of pressure sensors, optical sensors and magnetic sensor technology
  • piezoceramic components for ultrasonic generation and ultrasonic sensors
  • precision dosing with piezo elements for diaphragm or peristaltic hose pumps
  • Infrared measurement technology and sensors for non-contact temperature and gas measurement for monitoring processes and plants
  • UV LED components for varnish drying and curing in printing presses
  • Individual test and screening systems, development test technology and software development for test systems for quality assurance and control or process automation