Health Maintainance

The preservation of health is a universal human right. The World Health Organisation (WHO) formulated this goal as early as 1946. In addition to political progress, it is above all technical development that is giving more and more people access to better health care and modern treatment methods. [Modern devices for diagnostics,  therapy and laboratory development meet particularly high standards. They are designed to meet the requirements of the individuality of patients and to open up new paths for health.

Long-term stability, biocompatibility, radiation resistance and the highest innovative strength characterise the product solutions of the #hightech makers at the Tridelta Campus. For decades, the development and production of biocompatible and durable ceramic prostheses for artificial joints, bone replacements and dental implants has led the market. Electronics, sensor technology and components for the production of innovative devices for modern medical technology and diagnostics are among the major know-how sectors at the TRIDELTA CAMPUS.

Global challenges and solutions from the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Biocompatible and durable ceramic prosthetics and joint implants as well as dental ceramics
  • Components for high-resolution fibre scanning endoscopy:  miniaturised piezo tubes and electronic modules with optical sensors
  • Dosing of active substances and aerosol generation with piezo actuators for pumping and dosing technology as well as nebulisers
  • Electronic microsystems and circuits based on ceramic technologies such as thick film and LTCC are at the heart of the measurement and control technology of medical devices in diagnostics, surgery and treatment
  • Piezo actuators and mini-pump systems, sensors and electronic systems for dialysis machines
  • Infrared sensors and piezo technology for respiratory gas analysis in respiratory and anaesthesia equipment
  • CO2 sensors for process monitoring in cell incubators
  • Radiation-resistant components made of high-performance metals such as tungsten and molybdenum for X-ray equipment and computer tomographs