Individual Safety

Security is being completely redefined in the digitalised and globalised 21st century. This primarily concerns the question of how state-of-the-art technology can ensure individual or collective security in the most diverse areas of life.

Burglary protection, health safety in buildings and means of transport, occupational and machine safety - Electronic systems and high-performance sensors with ceramic components monitor numerous physical parameters for the safety of people and machines in industrial processes, in rail and air traffic as well as in the medical and IT sectors. They are essential for the protection of life, property, goods and processes.

Global challenges and solutions from the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

  • Force sensors with piezoelectric function measure dynamic tensile, compressive and shear forces for safe processes in automated, machine-based production sequences
  • NDIR gas sensors for ambient air monitoring and gas leak detection
  • Predictive maintence, e.g. detection of imbalances on rotating machine parts with vibration sensors
  • Mobility safety through crash detectors in the automotive sector and rail transport with rail sensors for measuring vibration and inclination, alcohol sensors for Alcoloc safety in local and long-distance public transport
  • Monitoring of showcases, pictures and objects as well as alarm evaluation by means of sensors, glass breakage detectors, piezoelectric components, optical detectors, capacitive sensors for contactless protection of objects and laser scanners
  • Building security through IR pyrodetectors for the detection of smoke and flames