High-tech location in the middle of Europe

For generations, Hermsdorfer Industriekeramik has stood for internationally recognized brands and products such as surge arresters, ferrite products, microelectronics and hybrid technology. Under the sign of the tri-delta bell, the success story of high-tech ceramics for industrial applications began more than 100 years ago.

Our mission and performance

To strengthen and promote the high-tech location Hermsdorf, the location initiative Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf e.V. cooperates with numerous companies, partners and research institutions under the brand TRIDELTA CAMPUS. The campus represents the communicative and strategic interests of the high-tech location Hermsdorf, which unites internationally leading SMEs, top technological research and agile manufacturing service providers with a focus on ceramic technologies, microelectronics, sensor and automation solutions in the middle of Germany.

To support its members in a highly competitive market, we advocate favorable framework conditions and facilitate access to projects, cooperations, talent, skilled workers and financial resources through industry-specific and acquisition-related marketing measures.

As a "Welcome Center", the Tridelta Campus bundles various dialog channels and orchestrates lead generation within different stakeholder groups. The campus will develop into the leading location for advanced ceramics in Europe by 2030 and, as an impulse generator, is sustainably committed to developing, securing and profiling the Hermsdorf location as a future-proof working, living and cultural area.

Raising awareness of the performance profile of Hermsdorf as a high-tech location

  • Demonstration of the technical diversity, solution competence and competitiveness of the companies in the TRIDELTA CAMPUS.
  • Presentation of innovative products and technologies and their contribution to sensor and automation solutions as well as energy technology of the future

Promotion of networking through strategic, national and international cooperations

  • Networking of industry representatives, OEM partners and research projects
  • Organization and co-promotion of national and international events (off- and online) with focus on ceramic technologies, microelectronics and sensor technology
  • Establishment of information, communication and cooperation structures
  • Promotion of communication between companies, politics, administration, chambers, associations, science and other organizations as well as media and the general public

Attracting talent, expertise and financial resources to drive innovation and growth

  • Mediation of investors and attractive investment opportunities
  • Facilitating access to national and international specialists and talent
  • Promotion of career orientation and qualification of skilled workers
  • Tapping into public funding programs

Providing impetus for competitive framework conditions

  • Creation of awareness of the needs and interests of TRIDELTA CAMPUS among policy makers.
  • Creation of a directed image understanding for the region and city with a work-live focus
  • Presentation of the region and its economic power regionally and supra-regionally
  • Development of concepts for the improvement of the regional framework conditions for the economy and support of their implementation
  • Organizing events such as seminars, symposia, lectures and other information and contact events
  • Bringing together similar interests and tasks of the enterprises for the common use of resources
  • Linking regional service offers and initiating joint activities in the field of environmental protection, health and safety at work as well as operational safety together with the structures of the districts and the state of Thuringia

Better together

The location initiative works continuously to promote business and science in Hermsdorf. The aim is to highlight the special character of the industrial site as a high-tech location for technical ceramics and microelectronics/microtechnology, to make it known and to market it to customers, skilled workers and investors.

Become part of our high-tech initiative in the center of Europe

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