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#MINT ambassador - Women in technical professions at the CAMPUS

TRIDELTA Campus / Jessica Fischer 09.12.2022

In the companies of TRIDELTA CAMPUS, many women work successfully in technical and scientific professions. In the third interview of our series, we introduce Maram Elsabaa. She completed her Bachelor's degree in automation engineering in Homs, Syria, has been living in Germany since 2017 and has just successfully completed her Master's degree in system design at the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena. Her career at TRIDELTA CAMPUS begins with a permanent position at Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH.

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Campus Anniversaries 2022

TRIDELTA Campus / Jessica Fischer 24.11.2022

"The dinosaurs are extinct, the insects have survived" was how Lothar Späth described the necessary restructuring and privatisation steps after the break-up of Keramische Werke Hermsdorf in 1992. From the point of view of the time, it was clear that Tridelta would not survive as a group. So the way was clear for a large number of new and spin-off companies. A look back at several success stories.

No Magnetism - No Energy

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 23.11.2022

#MINT ambassador - Women in technical professions at the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 20.11.2022

#MINT ambassador - Women in technical professions at the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 19.11.2022

The Tridelta Campus


Resource conservation and energy efficiency, climate protection and sustainability, safety and health are incorporated as global requirements in our future-oriented solutions. Only in this way do the worldwide benefits and acceptance of our products unfold to their full extent. All this together underpins the performance of the companies and institutes at the Hermsdorf site.

Open to the world

The TRIDELTA CAMPUS sees itself as part of the global change. Researchers and technicians come to Hermsdorf from all over the world. But that's really nothing special anymore. It doesn't matter where someone comes from, the important thing is that people here contribute something to the success of our tasks. Our success is based on the fact that smart, committed people come to us who support our philosophy and are open to the world at the same time.

Where we are, is in front

At TRIDELTA CAMPUS, we focus on real development progress. Our employees take advantage of the synergies of technical excellence, inspiring work atmosphere and individual professional development. We take time for new ideas. That's why we always do more than is necessary. That's how we constantly invest in future-oriented solutions for global challenges. Our innovative spirit creates a better world.

Success Story


The MI(N)Tmach Lab at TRIDELTA CAMPUS. We inspire students & interested people for microelectronics, software and tech skills in our courses and events. In Sensor Space, children and young people learn skills and competencies for the development and application of future technologies. Courses & AGs in the afternoons complement the school lessons - experimentation is the main focus here. Around 15,000 students in the 10 to 16 age group have the opportunity to get to know Sensor Space at various events.

Do you want to work on the future? Come to our campus and become part of the high-tech maker family.

High-tech location in the middle of Europe.

Hermsdorf is a traditional location for technical ceramics. Shortly after the founding of the first porcelain factory in 1890, Hermsdorf became world-famous with the development and production of electroporcelain for insulators. Over the following decades, many ceramic products were added, most of which are still produced here today. These include magnetic ceramics, ceramic heat exchangers and heaters, piezo ceramics, surge arresters, bioceramics, ceramic membranes, wear ceramics, powder metallurgical products and many more. In the 1980s, the product range expanded in the direction of microelectronics and hybrid technology. In the past 25 years, the Hermsdorf industrial site has developed very successfully.

In 2010, the Hermsdorf Institute for Technical Ceramics (HITK) became part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft by merging with the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS. The close networking of research and industry is decisive for the innovative content of Hermsdorf's developments.