#MINT ambassador - Women in technical professions at the CAMPUS

TRIDELTA Campus / 09.12.2022

In the companies of TRIDELTA CAMPUS, many women work successfully in technical and scientific professions. In the third interview of our series, we introduce Maram Elsabaa. She completed her Bachelor's degree in automation engineering in Homs, Syria, has been living in Germany since 2017 and has just successfully completed her Master's degree in system design at the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena. Her career at TRIDELTA CAMPUS begins with a permanent position at Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH.

What were your professional goals when you came to Germany?

My main goal was to do my Master's degree here, as it has always been my dream to continue my studies abroad. I chose Germany because Germany has a strong economy and it has a high demand for skilled workers for its further developments in the field of engineering. The comparatively low tuition fees at universities and colleges in Germany were another reason for my decision.

How did you perceive your time as a Master's student in the Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH team?

Das Erste, was mir bei Schneider Engineering Solutions aufgefallen ist, war die freundliche Atmosphäre zwischen den Mitarbeitern, die Flexibilität und die Möglichkeit, bequem von zu Hause zu arbeiten. Da die Arbeit bei SES meine erste praktische Erfahrung in Deutschland war, hatte ich das Glück, ein sehr hilfsbereites Team zu haben, von dem ich Vieles gelernt habe, insbesondere natürlich von meinem Betreuer Enrico. Großartig war auch, dass ich mit meinen Aufgaben direkt in Projekte eingebunden wurde und gleich das „richtige Leben“ im Team kennenlernen durfte. Und natürlich macht es mich auch stolz, wenn meine Arbeit nicht in einer Schublade verschwindet, sondern auch tatsächlich verwendet wird.

What do you particularly like about your work?

I love learning new skills and since I work as a software developer at SES, there is always a lot of variety and something new to learn. Here, every project offers new challenges. Due to the demanding industries we work for, responsibility is of course always part of the job, but the whole team bears it and doesn't leave me alone with it. The greatest joy of my work, however, is to see at the end of a project that the software I took on to develop works as expected.

Why would you recommend girls to choose an apprenticeship or study in the technical field?

Technology influences every aspect of our lives and shapes the future. That's why it's important to understand it and participate in its development. And it is fun!

Besides, training or studying in this field ensures a good job, the demand is always increasing and with good performance in training, studies and of course at work, I can also earn good money. Personally, I don't think there is a job for men and a job for women.

Women can also be very good at maths, physics, programming etc. if they ignore all stereotypes and think about what is suitable for their future. And they shouldn't and don't have to be afraid to develop in that direction.

Mr Schneider, what factors were decisive for supervising Maram Elsabaa as a Master's student and subsequently offering her an employment contract?

Maram contacted us in search of a topic for her master's thesis for the completion of her system design studies at the EAH Jena. She was able to confirm the positive impression of her documents in the first online meeting to get to know each other. Even during her time as a Master's student with us, she successfully and independently familiarised herself with the challenging tasks, compared solution variants together with her supervisor Enrico and implemented the optimal solutions. These solutions have since been used in a production facility in the USA, for example.
After her Master's phase, Maram worked as a student trainee in our team and continued to actively support us in customer projects. The positive experiences that colleagues and I have had with Maram led to the decision of colleagues that Maram fits well into the team, is able to solve the demanding challenges in our projects and complements our team very well. However, independence, commitment as well as a sound education are unfortunately not a matter of course, even in the current times in which a reasonable education in the MINT sector for committed, also international specialists is actually a guarantee for success, regardless of gender. We are looking forward to further cooperation and thank Maram already now for her active support! - Welcome to the team!