#MINT ambassador - Women in technical professions at the TRIDELTA CAMPUS

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 19.11.2022

In the companies of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS, many women work successfully in technical and scientific professions. Some of them are also in management positions. We would like to introduce you to some of our #mintambassadors. In the short interview, you will learn what they love about their job and why it is a good idea to work on campus, especially as a woman. In the second interview of our new series, we introduce Kerstin Poschbeck, application engineer at LCP Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Independence is a particular feature of my work profile. I can fully develop my creativity, which is very much in demand here. The work here is very versatile and challenges me every day.

What are your main activities?

I work in the field of laser marking. My main activities are optimal programming, organisation and monitoring of the execution in the production process. For demanding customer orders, I also carry out the processing myself on the laser.

What has been your greatest professional success so far?

My most beautiful successes are always the positive feedbacks from our clients. It is of utmost interest to our clients that high-quality work is done within a tight schedule.

Why would you recommend girls to choose an apprenticeship or study in the technical field?

In the age of digitalisation for almost all professions, heavy physical work is hardly necessary anymore, as it used to be primarily for men. Nowadays, you no longer need strength, but a certain intelligence to work in the technology sector. Technology is so versatile and always interesting. In many fields today, you can't do without technology, which is always evolving. Women have a high level of empathy. Once women are interested in technology, they can work on something just as determinedly and persistently as men.

You work for a company at TRIDELTA CAMPUS. What opportunities do women have in technical professions at the high-tech location for advanced ceramics?

At the moment, every company at the site is looking for skilled workers, whether men or women. Women can also take on management positions here. Flexible working hours are offered as a priority. There is sufficient housing and social facilities in Hermsdorf. Sports activities are very well developed in Hermsdorf. Not to mention the very good transport connections to Jena or Gera. Any girl interested in technology is sure to find her field of interest from the large number of companies located here in Hermsdorf, and to gain further qualifications.