No Magnetism - No Energy

TRIDELTA Campus / Hendrik Bengs 23.11.2022

The high-tech makers at TRIDELTA CAMPUS Hermsdorf are part of the energy transition.

Solutions at TRIDELTA CAMPUS include energy generation, storage and distribution. In 2040, the Free State of Thuringia wants to be supplied with 100 % renewable energies, and products from the TRIDELTA CAMPUS make a decisive contribution to this.

"We are fans of the energy transition" was how R. Wachs, Managing Director of TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH, welcomed Energy Minister Siegesmund to the joint event on Monday, 29 August 2022.

"Our contribution to the energy turnaround is the production of magnetic ceramics with the help of which electricity can be generated, converted and transformed." Rico Wachs, Tridelta Weichferrite GmbH

During the production tour, Ms Siegesmund was able to take a closer look at high-performance electronic components that are also used in wind turbines. Without magnetic ceramics, no energy.

The manufacturing process of these components is very energy-intensive, so that the cost development of energy prices poses an existential threat to the company. "As the only manufacturer of corresponding materials in Europe, we are very price-sensitive to the world market. Rising energy prices not only endanger our production, but also our contribution as a German company to the energy transition." Says Rico Wachs.

An appeal to the Energy Minister:

CAMPUS companies now need simple, fast & unbureaucratic solutions to stabilise prices. For example by:

Decoupling electricity prices from gas
Avoiding speculation
Reliable political communication
Price capping

"A plannable energy mix, targeted technology promotion and implementation projects such as GREAT H2 are crucial for a successful energy transition. However, short-term risks at the high-tech location regarding security of supply and price stability are existential and threaten the survival of SMEs. It is imperative that these challenges are solved at the political level as quickly as possible." Daniel Störzner, LCP-Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH and Chairman of the Board of TRIDELTA CAMPUS.

Own renewable energy as a location advantage - the TRIDELTA CAMPUS relies on wind, sun and hydrogen and aims for 80% electricity from its own generation.

Energy Minister Siegesmund praised the farsightedness of the industry cluster and pledged support.

We thank ThEEN e.V., the competence network for renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency and sector coupling, for organising the event.

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