Working and Living

Home is where family is, where family can feel comfortable and develop. The search for a center of life that meets this requirement is more complex today than ever before. Work and career, family and leisure, education and culture, health and care - all this should be in harmony with each other. The region around the TRIDELTA CAMPUS covers all these needs with the existing location factors and guarantees a high quality of life in all phases of life.

Saale-Holzland district: In the center of Germany

The Saale-Holzland district is located in the middle of Thuringia and is the surrounding area of the university city of Jena. The synergy of a modern business location, the nature of the middle Saale valley and the cultural landscape of the Thuringian timber country is unique. Down-to-earth and open-hearted, energetic and inventive: People feel at home here in the center of Central Germany.

The synergy of a modern business location, the nature of the middle Saale valley and the cultural landscape of the Thuringian timber country is unique.


The lighthouse of the Saale-Holzland-district


History and Future shine


Growth in logistics and mechanical engineering


Spins and booms

All the offers that the family calendar needs.

Work and family together in one place! Around the TRIDELTA CAMPUS, in addition to our idyllic Thuringian timber country, you will find all the offers that the family calendar needs: Education & care, wellness & medical care ,lifestyle & events. All directly and in close proximity to Hermsdorf. Did you know that you can drive from Hermsdorfer Kreuz to Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin in only about 3h by car? You can reach the airport Leipzig/Halle in only 45 minutes.

Arrival & Living

As a growing industrial location, Hermsdorf offers very good childcare and educational facilities for the steadily growing population, as well as a wide range of housing and building plots for owner-occupied homes. Affordable real estate (rental or ownership) makes the high-tech location an ideal place for families to live.

Family & Job

Around the TRIDELTA CAMPUS there are many offers for finding housing, daycare and school. Here are all educational institutions directly on site: kindergarten, regular school, high school and vocational school.

Health & Precaution

Local health and care services include specialists, general practitioners in private practice, nursing facilities and therapy practices. The nearby hospitals in Jena, Gera and Eisenberg are among Germany's renowned institutions and ensure health care in all cases.

Infrastructure & Mobility

Hermsdorf is a "city of short distances" in order to offer employees flexibility and quality of life with short distances between their place of work, home and childcare. The surrounding area is also well connected by public transport. The nearest universities and colleges in Jena and Gera can be easily reached from Hermsdorf by train in just 20 minutes. The cultural and recreational highlights of both cities are also waiting here, with a cultural arena, museum, shopping or pub night.

This is what the region feels like after work.

Nature & Recreation

Here it is easy to combine a career as a specialist, scientist or engineer with family life and leisure time close to nature. Our forest gives the region "Thüringer Holzland" its name. Its primeval forests, valleys and mills are ideal for recreational sports, hiking and nature lovers. The landscape is well developed with hiking and biking trails. Those on the move will find a variety of regional producers, such as goat and sheep cheese factories, beer breweries and country inns offering venison and other specialties.

Amidst an intact natural landscape and a family-friendly and culturally appealing environment, our location offers internationally leading SMEs, cutting-edge technological research and agile manufacturing service providers that make it possible to plan for the long-term future.

Clubs & Culture

The diverse range of clubs offers varied opportunities and events for sports enthusiasts as well as for culture lovers. Outdoor pool, thermal bath, city library, skate park, readings or concerts as well as traditional festivals and sporting events such as the Holzlandlauf - everything is right on the company's or front doorstep.