Hermsdorf: the lighthouse in the Saale-Holzland-District

Hermsdorf scores as an innovative industrial and scientific location and an attractive place to live. The sympathetic small town is located at the crossroads of north and south, east and west. With its well-developed infrastructure and numerous leisure activities, Hermsdorf has developed into a new centre in the region between Jena and Gera. In the region, Hermsdorf and the spa town of Bad Klosterlausnitz form an economic centre. Together, the Holzland communities offer over 11,000 inhabitants a first-class quality of life and living that is among the best in Thuringia.

City and industry: A good connection

First mentioned in 1256, Hermsdorf developed from a craft and farming village to an industrial location from the end of the 19th century. The production of industrial ceramics in the Hermsdorf porcelain factory contributed significantly to worldwide electrification from 1890 onwards. Since then, urban development has gone hand in hand with the continuous growth processes of the local economy.

Room for further growth

The newly designated industrial area "Hermsdorf Ost III" offers ideal conditions for new settlements and further growth of industrial companies on an area of 56 hectares with direct motorway connections. In cooperation, the Tridelta Campus and the city of Hermsdorf will continue to promote this development in order to make the up-and-coming region in the heart of Germany better known and even more attractive.