Filigree components with complex geometries

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing has established itself as a family-run technology company since 1993 to become a laser application specialist. With a focus on the production of sophisticated micro-precision components, LCP is an innovative development partner and reliable manufacturing service provider for electronics manufacturers around the world. Read about the special skills these #hightech makers possess to redefine technical progress. We have many ideas. The future is one of our best ideas.

Precision lasers enable innovation at the absolute limit

Global megatrends such as digitalisation, automation and the energy transition demand ever shorter innovation cycles from companies. The solution to technical challenges is usually found in the processing of new materials and the introduction of new processing technologies. It is precisely at this interface that the companies at the Tridelta Campus enable essential product innovations with their laser expertise (photonics). With their technical know-how, high-performance laser technology is developed and adapted in laser material processing for product components on the smallest scale (laser micro machining).

Accelerate digital structure reduction

Among the technical applications that enable an acceleration of digitisation is the laser processing of ceramic parts such as LTCC multilayers (low-temperature cofired ceramics) for EUV exposures. This enables the semiconductor industry to further advance the reduction of structures for integrated circuits. In the same field of application, ceramic parts based on aluminium oxide (Al2O3) are processed with laser systems. This creates electrical interface guides (interposers) that are used in next-generation EUV wafer steppers, e.g. in lithography systems for the semiconductor industry.

Copper processing with laser: Better power electronics for the energy transition

Companies at the site also offer solutions for pushing the energy transition. With the laser cutting of copper busbars for bipolar transistors with insulated gate electrodes (IGBT) and for circuit breakers with metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOFSET), the highest precision is achieved at the technical limits of control technology. These are used, for example, in frequency converters that control wind power and solar plants as well as e-vehicles. Automation solutions are also in demand for the energy transition. Efficient rotor/stator stacks for innovative aircraft engines can be produced with precision laser processing of the finest cobalt-iron electrical sheets (CoFe).

Production under particularly demanding conditions

The laser specialists at the Tridelta Campus define customer benefits through the highest level of functional integration, mastery of complexity and absolute process reliability. Flexibility and innovative strength enable teams and technology on this basis to achieve exact adaptability to specific applications. Leading industrial customers benefit from the reliability, innovative strength and economies of scale in all manufacturing services and machining technologies. In recent years, major advances have been made in laser machining with ultra-short pulse technology (UKP).

At the interface between institute laboratory and mass production

Turning visionary product innovations into the reality of industrial production - that is the core of the technological philosophy at the campus. The combination of materials know-how, R&D process know-how and mechanical engineering know-how has resulted over decades in a unique centre of excellence for laser materials processing with a large production capacity: from fine to micro processing of special materials for sensor technology and power electronics. Reliability is the be-all and end-all when using cutting-edge laser technology in order to be able to operate at the limits of what is technically possible. The ability to apply such a universal tool as the laser in a specialised, precisely fitting and intelligent way to customer requirements gives innovation an enormous boost. 

Do you want to work on the future? Come to our campus and become part of the high-tech maker family.

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