Real hotspot: performance in industrial furnace construction and mechanical engineering

Anyone who wants to produce technical ceramics needs efficient production technology in material preparation (e.g. industrial furnaces), material analysis (e.g. measurement technology) and processing (e.g. machines). To produce components from technical ceramics, precise tools, complex moulds and effective thermal processes are needed. All of these are classic skills of mechanical engineering and special plant engineering.

Core competence for thermal technologies

Expertise in thermal technologies is one of the basic skills at the Tridelta Campus, which has been developed here for 130 years. From project planning to commissioning, the companies here achieve a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100 percent in industrial furnace construction. The spectrum ranges from production furnaces to laboratory furnaces in different variants and specifications.

Thinking up, designing and manufacturing a solution - many other competences come together here at the site: Steel construction and media supply, measurement technology and process control, electronics and IT. The complexity arises primarily from the combination of thermal processes with various technical gases that support these processes. In order to create a good atmosphere for each process in an industrial furnace, extremely precise media control and temperature management are required.

Ceramic components for machine manufacturers

Companies from Hermsdorf also act as suppliers for international mechanical engineering companies. The mechanical engineering expertise at the Tridelta Campus includes not only thermal processes, but also the electronic and mechanical processes of measurement and signal processing, precision dosing and sensor technology, as well as other applications. After all, machines must be monitored in all environments in order to function safely. Components made of ceramics play an increasingly important role in this. They are manufactured here at the Tridelta Campus in large quantities and with a high degree of variance. On the one hand, they are very robust and durable, and on the other, their functionality can be adjusted very precisely.

We are looking for Thinkers and Doers

For this, the companies need very good designers who, depending on the customer's order, think carefully: Which solution is the right one for the desired functionality? How can the solution be implemented in a productive, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way? Once the production planning is in place, many experts are involved in the manufacturing process: Welders and steel constructors, plumbers and mechanics, electricians and measuring technicians, electronic technicians and programmers. Only as a team can products be created that are successful on the market. All the experts here at the Tridelta Campus are challenged anew with every product to perform their best in the interplay of intelligent brainwork and skilful manual labour.

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