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The special feature of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS is the sustainably grown industrial landscape. The good interaction of the different industries, the local proximity and a strong sense of community characterize the companies and members of the Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf e.V. The specialists in the field of technical ceramics and metals, microelectronics and sensor technology, tool and mechanical engineering or metalworking as well as their partners at the location can be found here in the overview.

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ABATEC Mikrosysteme: Microsystems technology at the interface between digitalization and the real world

ABATEC Mikrosysteme was founded in 1992 from the idea to develop and manufacture customized microelectronic components. Today, ABATEC Mikrosysteme GmbH develops and produces complex electronics and microsystems technology using state-of-the-art technologies. As a medium-sized service provider, the company is active in the automotive, industrial electronics, sensor and medical technology sectors.

Bau-Consult Engineers: High-performance project planning: The future of construction

Bau-Consult Gesellschaft beratender Ingenieure mbH was founded in 1990 at the Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf and has two offices in Erfurt and Gera. With the excellent skills of our engineers and architects, technicians and draftsmen, we combine overall planning competence and special knowledge in a high-performance team.

CERA SYSTEM - Safe processes with ceramic components, valves and pipelines

CERA SYSTEM is a renowned and internationally established manufacturer of ceramic series components and ceramic-lined valves. Our roots go back to the long tradition of oxide ceramic manufacturing here at the Hermsdorf site. Since the company was founded in 1996, we have developed into a provider of system solutions for wear protection and the chemical industry.

designerei - Reaching the goal with strategic consistency: marketing for technology companies

As a full-service agency for strategy, marketing and communication design, we ensure the healthy growth of small and medium-sized companies, especially in the technology, health and social sectors. Our multi-professional team and strong network bundles all the competencies that are important for a successful brand presence.

Eberspächer catem - E-Mobility: PTC elements for high-voltage heaters

The trend toward electromobility is increasing demand for innovative heating concepts. Electric heaters generate the heat to temper the passenger compartment and provide comfort. The heart of these heaters comes from Eberspächer catem.

eropräzisa - Into space: high-end precision for metal

High-end precision manufacturing of complex parts and assemblies - this is eropräzisa's core business. We process metals (steel, stainless steel, carbide, Inconel, Hasteloy) as well as ceramics and Cesic. Since its foundation in 2002, the high-end business has been growing steadily. The demand of our customers for more and more complex components with higher quality challenged us to constant development.

Fraunhofer IKTS - From nano to macro: Ceramics research with passion for efficiency, environment and sustainability

The Fraunhofer Institute in Hermsdorf was founded in 1992 as an independent, business-oriented research institution at the Tridelta Campus. After 18 years of successful development, it became part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in 2010 by merging with the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) in Dresden.

Plötner Bros: Individual wooden packaging for industry and trade since 1875

Our passion is individual wooden packaging for industry and trade. Wood is a sustainable material with a long tradition. Gebr. Plötner GmbH has been in this business since 1875 in Hermsdorf. As an owner-managed company, we have been helping to shape developments at the Tridelta Campus for five generations. Thus, our company philosophy is down-to-earth in the truest sense: We are loyal to our location and absolutely reliable.

H.C. Starck: The world of high-performance metals

H.C. Starck Hermsdorf GmbH is part of a leading global group of companies and employs around 140 people. We specialize in the production of customized parts and components made of refractory metals such as molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium. By means of machining processes, products are created for medical technology, aerospace technology and for the glass melting and automotive industries.

Industry service with bite: Maintainance with HAI-tec

HAI - Hermsdorfer Anlagen Instandhaltung GmbH is a medium-sized family business and has been located at the Hermsdorf Tridelta Campus since 1996. With 22 technically qualified employees, we are a recognized industrial partner for customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

He-GAS GmbH: Expert team for technical gases, pipelines and pressure vessels

The range of services offered by He-GAS GmbH extends from the sale of technical gases to private and commercial customers to the planning, construction and maintenance of complex gas supply systems and pressure vessels for industrial customers. We supply our clients throughout Germany. Directly at the Tridelta Campus, we supply 19 industrial companies with compressed air and nitrogen around the clock via our pipe network.

ITnova GmbH: Level up! Agile IT solutions for the modern SME.

For your digital and secure, agile and future-proof working world, for medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations in our region. ITnova develops holistic concepts with needs-based IT infrastructure, flexible cloud solutions and VoIP telephony. And implements them reliably - with state-of-the-art technology, know-how and passion. Benefiting from this Companies that rely on modern working and value consulting at eye level.

Komos GmbH: Together to success with components, modules and systems

Technology since 1991 - as a provider of technological solutions we go new ways together with you. In doing so, we have developed into a manufacturer of high-quality products made of metal and plastic as well as in combination with electronics & electrical engineering. The interaction of our manufacturing technologies in plastic injection molding, stamping, turning, research & development and assembly offers you the individual platform for a complete product journey. We have gathered our expertise in the medical technology, automotive, electronics, aerospace, construction and mechanical engineering industries.

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing: Filigree components with complex geometries

LCP Laser-Cut-Processing has established itself as a family-run technology company since 1993 to become a laser application specialist. Our focus is on the production of sophisticated micro-precision components. We are an innovative development partner and reliable manufacturing service provider for electronics manufacturers around the world.

Mathys Orthopädie: We move people: Bioceramics for the benefit of patients

Ceramic materials have played an essential role in artificial joint replacement for 50 years. The first implant developed at the Hermsdorf site from 1972 was a ceramic tibial plateau prosthesis made of aluminum oxide. This was implanted at the nearby Eisenberg Hospital. It was the world's first ceramic knee joint.

Micro-Hybrid: Sensors for a better world

Micro-Hybrid is an internationally operating technology company. Global megatrends such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and the growing need for security in technical systems are driving our product development. We operate in the innovative business fields of electronic microsystems, infrared measurement technology and inertial sensor technology.

Moje: Ceramic implants in use worldwide

MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized family business for individual implant solutions in the dental field and industrial products made of oxide ceramics . Founded in July 1994 by Hans-Jürgen Moje, the company now employs 29 people in Petersberg near Eisenberg. Moje has been a member of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS since 2021.

PI Ceramic: With Piezo Ceramic Know-how to Market Leadership in Sensors and Actuators

PI Ceramic has been developing and producing piezo components for actuator and sensor applications at its Lederhose site since 1992. We are one of the international market leaders in the field of piezo technology. 420 employees manufacture piezoceramic actuators, ultrasonic transducers and systems for high-tech markets worldwide.

Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf: 130 years of tradition in technical ceramics

The Hermsdorf porcelain factory was founded in 1890. At that time, the company initially produced tableware, but at the same time began to develop electroporcelain. The close cooperation with users led to an important invention in electrical engineering in 1897: the delta bell. Thanks to this invention, Hermsdorf is regarded as the "cradle of high-voltage ceramics".

Schmeissner GmbH: Intelligent security technology protects valuable collections

We - SCHMEISSNER GmbH - are a family-run, medium-sized company with the goal of making the world a little safer. For this purpose, we develop and produce components and systems of burglar alarm technology, manufacture systems for the protection of valuable art objects and find special solutions by manufacturing customized products.

Schneider Engineering: Quality for future-proof automation

In January 2019, Schneider Engineering Solutions was founded at the TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf. We are engineering service providers specializing in customer and product specific measurement, testing and automation solutions as well as system integration. As a partner of the National Instruments Alliance, our team uses its many years of experience in the automotive supply industry and develops modular solutions for demanding customers.

SEMPA SYSTEMS: Ultra-pure media supply systems for special applications

SEMPA SYSTEMS GmbH, based in Dresden, was founded in 2001 and has since established itself as an experienced supplier of ultra-pure media supply systems, even for very special applications. Customers include large companies in the semiconductor and LED industries as well as representatives of the photovoltaic and pharmaceutical sectors. The company employs 140 people at its sites in Dresden and Hermsdorf. 

Siegert TFT: Competence in thin film technology

As a highly innovative and interdisciplinary company, we are a leading partner in thin-film technology. Since our foundation in 1992, we have established ourselves as a renowned company specialising in the production of high-precision electronic components and systems. Our range of services also includes product-oriented research and development of thin-film and nanotechnology.  

SomTec special machines: Automation optimizes production

Our highly qualified and experienced team of 20 engineers, programmers and skilled workers has been developing and manufacturing customer-specific automation solutions based on PLC and IPC systems since 1993. Our core competences focus on special machines and systems for the automation of industrial processes.

Tami Group: ceramic tubular membranes for cross-flow, micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration.

The TAMI Group specializes in the development and manufacture of ceramic tubular membranes for cross-flow, micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of liquid media. As a subsidiary of TAMI Industries, TAMI Germany produces the coarsely porous membrane supports and distributes the membrane filters in the German-speaking countries, the Benelux countries, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Tenno Systemhaus: Professional IT solutions

TENNO Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1993 by four students of computer science and an economist in Hermsdorf as a small computer store. From the beginning, our customer focus was on IT support for small and medium-sized enterprises and public administrations. Since then we grew continuously and built a new office building at the Hermsdorf location.

Tridelta Hartferrite : Commitment to Excellence

Our success story began with the founding of the Hermsdorf porcelain factory in 1890. Over the decades, the innovative Tridelta Hartferrite has grown out of this origin. Like the company, the products have constantly adapted to the progress of modern technology. We are one of the major ferrite producers in Europe and a leader in hard magnetic ferrites as well as other ceramic product lines.

Tridelta Meidensha: Committed to protecting electrical equipment for decades

Tridelta Meidensha has been producing top-quality surge arresters for more than 50 years. The roots of the company at the site date back to 1889. We are part of the stock market-oriented Meiden Group with headquarters in Japan / Tokyo. A sense of tradition, technical know-how and internationality combine in our company to form a unique symbiosis.

Tridelta Thermprozess: Energy-efficient solutions for thermal process technologies

Heat moves, heat shapes, heat fixes: Tridelta Thermprozess' precise, efficient and pollution-reducing process technologies turn raw materials into high-quality products. Tridelta Thermprozess is a medium-sized company that develops, designs, manufactures and commissions complete customized industrial furnaces, thermal apparatus and thermal engineering systems for production and research.

TRIDELTA Weichferrite: Mastering the energy transition with soft magnetic components

Based on the know-how gained in more than 70 years of research, development and production of soft ferritic components, TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH is currently one of the largest producers in Europe. In general, it can be said that soft magnetic components in every electronic device manage the energy transmission and transformation and thus contribute to increasing energy efficiency.

TriWeFo – Whether metal, plastic or ceramics, we bring everything into FORM

TriWeFo - Tridelta Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH is a medium-sized company in East Thuringia, in the middle of the high-tech region of Jena directly at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz. Originating from the locksmithing Hermsdorf - Schomburg - Isolatorengesellschaft (HESCHO), later under the Keramische Werke Hermsdorf (KWH) and the spin-off in 1993, TriWeFo GmbH looks back on a company tradition of more than 100 years. Today we are a subsidiary of TRIDELTA GmbH.

VIA Electronic: LTCC multilayer ceramics for extreme application conditions

VIA electronic was founded in 1997 at the Hermsdorf ceramics site. With the early focus on special applications and scientific applications, the intensive participation in research projects as well as in contract developments for the industry, the company succeeded in establishing itself continuously. Today, we are a sought-after development and manufacturing partner with a focus on LTCC multilayer ceramics.