ABATEC Mikrosysteme was born in 1992 from the idea of developing and manufacturing customer-specific microelectronic components. From the very beginning, our goal has been to focus our actions on quality, innovation and responsibility. This was the only way we were able to achieve constant technological progress in microsystems technology at the cutting edge.

Complex, miniaturized electronics and microsystems technology

Continuous investments in production capacities, clean room technology and manufacturing equipment constantly improved the technological standards. In this high-tech environment, our 100 employees are committed to meeting the high quality demands of our customers on a daily basis. We specialize in complex, miniaturized electronics and microsystems technology: thick-film hybrid technology, SMD assembly and COB processes. Our fields of application cover industrial electronics, sensor, communication and medical technology as well as the automotive sector.
As a development and manufacturing service provider, we have the ability to turn product ideas into series production at short notice and bring them to market maturity. We use network-based industry knowledge and are integrated into the global supply chain. With our cleanroom manufacturing environment based on state-of-the-art equipment and certified methods and process expertise, we meet all industry standards.

Forward-looking human resources strategy

ABATEC Mikrosysteme has ambitious goals. With a forward-looking human resources strategy, we want to position ourselves as an attractive employer in order to develop our potential as an international technology service provider. We actively promote our skilled and junior staff, offer long-term stable job opportunities and optimal working conditions.

What would the world be missing if our company didn't exist?
Basically, this question is really difficult to answer, so we would like to try to explain ourselves with some funny examples: Imagine, for example, you are standing at the train station, your train is coming in, you want to get on, but you can't because the doors remain locked. This would be due to the fact that the electronics we have manufactured are missing in the pushbutton switches for opening the doors. Now you might consider switching to your car. Problem - in the meantime it has become dark and you can't see the display on your speedometer - the components for regulating the light conditions in your car from Abatec are missing. Frustrated, you decide to have a portion of fries at the nearest snack bar. Far from it, because the snack bar operator can't operate his deep fryer properly because an important grease sensor from Abatec has not been installed. Last but not least, you go home to your bed completely overtired, but you can't sleep because your partner is snoring terribly loudly because a part on his snoring implant was not available. What a terrible day! But don't worry - Abatec will make sure that you can go through the day relaxed!

What makes the CAMPUS feeling for us?
For us, CAMPUS feeling means togetherness, cohesion, and cooperation. We hope for the emergence of a distinctive network between the companies and resulting benefits for each individual, for example with regard to location, personnel, cooperation or marketing topics.

What are we proud of?
We are particularly proud of the fact that we, Abatec Mikrosysteme GmbH, have remained loyal to the Hermsdorf location for 27 years. This would not have been possible without our first-class motivated employees. Our trainees and students also do a great job. They are fully involved in the company's activities from the very beginning and take on their own projects. At the same time, they manage to balance their professional and private lives perfectly, whether it's a child, a horse, a dog or part-time studies.

What career and development opportunities do we offer?
At Abatec Mikrosysteme GmbH there are numerous opportunities for further development. From the supervision of seminar papers in the Abitur, to student internships, working student jobs or cooperation with regard to final papers in studies, there is something for every young adult. And even after training or studying at Abatec, you can pursue various career paths, be it taking on a position as a team or department manager (even our production manager once started at Abatec as a BA student), achieving the next higher degree or other further training.

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