CERA SYSTEM is a renowned and internationally established manufacturer of ceramic series components and ceramic-lined valves. Our roots go back to the long tradition of oxide ceramic manufacturing here at the Hermsdorf site. Since the company was founded in 1996, we have developed into a provider of system solutions for wear protection and the chemical industry. Our products meet the increasing global requirements for more efficiency, more safety and higher environmental protection in industrial plants.

Safe processes with ceramic components, valves and pipelines

CERA SYSTEM is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAMSON AG, a market leader in valves and intelligent systems for process automation. Our 130 employees manufacture products for demanding industrial plants where oils, gases and chemical substances are in flow. We regulate and control all kinds of liquids and solids with our ceramic components and valves. Resistant wear protection for more safety in automated processes is our core business: against aggressive chemicals, against abrasive solids and against high temperatures.

Over 12 million ceramic components produced annually

CERA SYSTEM is growing primarily in international markets and is planning further market development in the USA and China. Every year we produce over 12 million ceramic components - and the trend is rising. The expansion of our expertise in the manufacture of ceramic components and the use of ceramic materials in valves, fittings and piping systems is intended to strengthen our market position. Extensive investments at the Hermsdorf site are creating interesting new jobs.

What would the world be missing if our company did not exist?

  • modern sanitary fittings (single lever mixers, shower fittings)
  • coffee grinders with ceramic painting disks
  • sensors for assistance systems in cars
  • products for flue gas purification in power plants
  • resource-saving processes in the extraction and mining of raw materials
  • resource-saving components for the production of soot particle filters (by way of explanation: ceramics are more durable and long-lasting than comparable metallic products)

What makes the CAMPUS feeling for us?

  • a lot of special possibilities right here in one place
  • connecting experiences and new ideas
  • create contacts
  • Creating more together, making better and faster progress together

What are we proud of?

  • leading supplier of ceramic components on a global scale
  • one of the world's leading manufacturers of ceramic lined valves for: chemical industry
  • power plant technology, refineries
  • environmental technologies
  • lithium extraction for battery production
  • Cooperation in large projects for climate improvement
  • Participation in research projects (high temperature corrosion test stand Fraunhofer Bayreuth)
  • Development, production and delivery of ball valves for a highly efficient solar power plant in Spain within the EU research program Horizon 2020
  • New building in 2022

What career and development opportunities do we offer?

  • Foreman
  • Team leader
  • Division Manager

Apprenticeships and studies

  • Vacation work
  • Internship
  • Working student


  • Industrial clerk
  • Machinist
  • Industrial ceramist


  • Bachelor & Master for technical and commercial directions (direct or part-time)
  • Supervision of Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • direct and part-time supervision of technical fields of study
  • In-service support for commercial fields of study
  • Internships

Direct Contact

CERA SYSTEM Verschleißschutz GmbH
Am Globus 2
07629 Hermsdorf

T: +49 36601 9190