High-end precision manufacturing of complex parts and assemblies - this is eropräzisa's core business. We process metals (steel, stainless steel, carbide, Inconel, Hasteloy) as well as ceramics and Cesic. Since its foundation in 2002, the high-end business has been growing steadily. The demand of our customers for more and more complex components with higher quality challenged us to constant development.

All the way into space: high-end precision for metal

Our competencies now extend far beyond a pure manufacturing company. In-house design, innovative manufacturing processes and quality assurance right through to surface technology enable optimal implementation of customer requirements. Our clients come from industries where every μ counts: optical industry, medical technology, semiconductor equipment suppliers, piezo technology, precision and micromechanics, aerospace. Some parts manufactured by us are floating in space. We manufacture in air-conditioned rooms with tolerances of +3 μ and with a surface finish of up to Ra 0.06 for carbide. In order to maintain this high level of production, eropräzisa invests in new production technology every year. In addition, our highly qualified 20 employees regularly attend further training courses.

Technology developers in the high-end sector

Our team is enthusiastic about technology and is driving several projects forward as technology developers in the high-end area. For example, we are currently investigating the minimization of surface damage and the introduction of foreign material during wire-cut EDM. Thus, another future technology could soon come from eropräzisa in Hermsdorf.

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