HAI - Hermsdorfer Anlagen Instandhaltung GmbH is a medium-sized family business and has been located at the Hermsdorf Tridelta Campus since 1996. With 22 technically qualified employees, we are a recognized industrial partner for customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Industrial service with bite: Maintenance with Hai-tec

The maintenance and modernization of presses for ceramic and powder materials are HAI's core competencies. These are based on decades of experience of the staff with these technologies and plants as well as current know-how in the fields of productivity increase, quality assurance and increase of operational safety by modern electronics.

Maintenance and modernization

We provide all maintenance and modernization services as individual orders or as a complete package including transport. If adjustments to the equipment are still necessary after a plant or machine relocation, we also take on tasks in the areas of machining and spare parts production, safety inspections and lubrication services.

Our services are made special by the fact that we implement customer requirements with a high degree of flexibility. The combination of speed and reliability, expertise and quality benefits all customers. Our technical team consists of locksmiths and industrial mechanics, electricians and electronic technicians, cutting machine operators and lubrication technicians.

Direct Contact

HAI Hermsdorfer Anlagen Instandhaltung GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 13
07629 Hermsdorf

​T: +49 36601 93 30 29
E: info@hai-gmbh.de