The range of services offered by He-GAS GmbH extends from the sale of technical gases to private and commercial customers to the planning, construction and maintenance of complex gas supply systems and pressure vessels for industrial customers. We supply our clients throughout Germany. Directly at the Tridelta Campus, we supply 19 industrial companies with compressed air and nitrogen around the clock via our pipe network.

Highest technical safety

Other business areas include the sale of technical and medical gases, the maintenance and inspection of gas plants and piping systems, and the planning and installation of piping systems and pressure equipment.

As a certified pressure equipment manufacturer (AD 2000 HP0 and TRD 201), certified welding company (DIN EN ISO 3834-3), specialist company according to the Water Resources Act and contracting company of the Thuringian Energy Networks (natural gas installation), we meet all the requirements for a specialist company. Our 10-member team with proven experts has the claim to always deliver the best quality and ensure the highest technical safety.

Direct Contact

W.-Conrad-Röntgen-Str. 5
07629 Hermsdorf

T: 036601 29600