Career and development opportunities

  • CNC skilled worker (m,w,d)
  • Dental technician (m,w,d)
  • Precision optician (m,w,d)

Reliability and appreciation are especially important to us as a family business. There is no shift work with us, we rely on a family-friendly regular working hours model.

MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized family business for individual implant solutions in the dental field and industrial products made of oxide ceramics . Founded in July 1994 by Hans-Jürgen Moje, the company now employs 29 people in Petersberg near Eisenberg. Since 2021 Moje is a member of the TRIDELTA CAMPUS.

MOJE Implants -Partner for a radiant smile

We are experts in dental implants and, together with Fraunhofer IKTS, focus on research and development of new materials based on zirconium oxide. The medical products meet the highest quality requirements and the implants are shaped in close cooperation with doctors and patients. All over the world, clinics and outpatient doctors rely on our experience and competence regarding implants in the dental field. Thanks to our dedicated employees, who give their best in filigree precision work every day, we bring back the radiant smile of many people in Germany and abroad.

Industrial products: Research and upscaling are our strength

With the latest manufacturing technology in hardware and software, we offer industrial customers all ceramic special products, based on oxide ceramics, in miniature, from prototype and one-off production to series production. In doing so, we rely on the highest quality standards in addition to the many years of experience of our employees.

Another application example are our rose drills (drill bits) made of ceramic. To avoid metal residues, this is used during operations and creates the space for a new joint or a so-called spacer without contaminating the bone with metal residues.

Our ceramic capsules, manufactured according to customer specifications, also prevent metal residues on the customer's goods. We supply the fine optics industry, for example, with ceramic pins for processing glass.

Special production of the highest quality

We are also happy to offer other special products, for example in the form of special screws and nuts, threads with high strength or miniature products in different geometries. In doing so, we always rely on the highest quality and our know-how in manufacturing technology.

Research and upscaling are our strength - for the material development of oxide ceramics we have participated as alliance partner "SAPHIR - High Performance Ceramics from TRIDELTA CAMPUS" in the program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research "RUBIN - Regional Entrepreneurial Alliances for Innovation".

Direct Contact

MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH&Co.KG
Eschenweg 10-12
07616 Petersberg
T: +49 36691 87 37 00