PI Ceramic has been developing and producing piezo components for actuator and sensor applications at its Lederhose site since 1992. We are one of the international market leaders in the field of piezo technology. 420 employees manufacture piezoceramic actuators, ultrasonic transducers and systems for high-tech markets worldwide.

Assembly processes for precision instrumentation

Our products are used in medical technology, industrial ultrasonic sensor technology and semiconductor technology. In order to be able to manufacture these sophisticated products and customer-specific OEM solutions, we rely on quality management in the complete production process: from mixing, grinding, pressing and sintering to the assembly and joining technology of the ceramic materials.

Our production is characterized by particularly demanding conditions in the interaction between technology and people. Assembly processes for precision equipment manufacturing require a clean room environment of the highest class. There is continuous investment in new machinery. In addition to technological know-how, PI Ceramic always keeps an eye on profitability and team performance.

Top position on the world market

In the future, we want to continue to be a company that drives innovative developments and maintains a leading position on the world market. As the demand for piezo technology increases, we are actively recruiting qualified and motivated employees who want to actively shape the future of the company and our application areas.

What would the world be missing if our company did not exist?

  • The supplier of piezo actuators for nanopositioning, without which the global production of high-performance silicon chips and the associated digitalization would progress much more slowly.
  • The world's leading manufacturer of sophisticated piezoceramic components for generating ultrasound in sensor and medical technology
  • Reliable and economically strong employer in Eastern Thuringia for 30 years
  • Training company with high chances of being taken on

What creates the CAMPUS feeling for us?

  • Departure
  • Enterprise
  • Experimentation
  • Self-confidence

What are we proud of?

  • many satisfied and long-standing customers from industry and research all over the world
  • motivated and competent employees at PI Ceramic
  • PICMA actuators with ceramic insulation from Lederhose - the most reliable product on the market, which has made the industrial use and acceptance of piezoceramic actuators in many high-tech applications.
  • Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses 2014
  • Continuous growth: started in 1992 with 5 employees, currently 420 employees.

What career and development opportunities do we offer?

  • Differentiation between specialist and management careers with various career stages
  • Management development program
  • Qualification as technician / master craftsman
  • Extra-occupational studies
  • Professional qualification through training and courses


  • Microtechnologist (m/f/d)
  • Industrial ceramist for process engineering (m/f/d)
  • Test technologist (m/f/d)
  • Production mechanic (m/f/d)
  • Machine and plant operator (m/f/d)
  • Management assistant for office management (m/f/d)

Dual study program:

  • B.Eng. Electrical Engineering/Automation Technology (m/f/d)
  • B.Eng. Industrial Engineering/Technical Management (m/f/d)
  • B.Eng. Practical Computer Science (m/f/d)
  • B.Sc. Industrial Engineering/Technical Sales (m/f/d)

Direct Contact

PI Ceramic GmbH
07589 Lederhose

T: +49 36604 882-0
E: info@piceramic.de