In January 2019, Schneider Engineering Solutions was founded at the TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf. We are engineering service providers specializing in customer and product specific measurement, testing and automation solutions as well as system integration. As a partner of the National Instruments Alliance, our team leverages its many years of experience in the automotive supply industry to develop modular solutions for demanding customers.

Quality for future-proof automation

Especially in times of higher integration densities, advancing miniaturization and the expansion of platform strategies, the demands on complex systems with regard to product handling and testing are also increasing. In addition to integrating a wide variety of measurement processes into one system, we take into account the future development of products as well as the quantities to be manufactured. This is the only way to create scalable and future-proof systems that ensure lasting advantages for our customers. We bring our specific skills in software development, electronics, mechatronics and mechanics as well as the networking of systems to every project.

Optimizing and increasing efficiency

As our team grows to combine more skills, we can now transfer our many years of experience in the automotive and electronics manufacturing sectors to other industries, for example with systems for climate and endurance testing. These enable our customers to ensure that components continue to perform their function reliably even after many years. We also develop systems for testing each individual manufactured product to rule out further processing or even the delivery of defective parts. In this way, we support our customers in increasing efficiency and monitoring and optimizing product quality.

What would the world be missing if our company did not exist?
We help to ensure quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our customers use the systems and programs we have developed especially for them to check the quality of their products, relieve people of monotonous tasks and automate processes in their production, for example.

What creates the CAMPUS feeling for us?
For us, the Tridelta Campus is a network where people and companies in the vicinity get to know each other, exchange ideas and experiences, and support each other. As primary goals we see the economic strengthening of the Hermsdorf region, the increase of the attractiveness of the location for the people and the supraregional publicity of the Hermsdorf companies.

What are we proud of?
We are especially proud of the teamwork in our small team and the projects we have realized together with our customers. Whether automotive, medical technology or other industries - together we ensure the efficient production of high quality.

What career and development opportunities do we offer?
Attention! High demand! - We are a small team, in which there is not an explaining bear for everything. Even if we support you with words and deeds, own initiative and commitment are absolutely necessary. In return, you will get directly involved in the projects, take responsibility for your varied work and can gain knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas.

Apprenticeships and studies
Regardless of whether you are an apprentice or a student, STEM is particularly important to us. We offer you the chance to become part of our team, for example as an electrical engineer, computer scientist, automation technician or mechatronics engineer.

Direct Contact

Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH
Naumburger Straße 8
07629 Hermsdorf

Jens Schneider

T: +49 36601 556627