Since November 2021, SEMPA has been part of the globally active Meptagon Group, a multidisciplinary company with offices in Ireland, Central Europe, Israel and India. The merger opens up a significantly expanded product portfolio for customers, from high-end supply systems to state-of-the-art planning and engineering services to multidisciplinary fab infrastructure solutions.  

Ultra-pure media supply systems and installation

Our stainless steel systems for high-purity gases and precursor chemicals (so-called precursors) ensure high purity of the media from the supply tank to the process chamber and guarantee the highest quality and maximum uptime.

In addition to systems for bulk gases and standard precursors, SEMPA is a leader in the manufacture of supply systems for energetic materials. We offer unsurpassed safety combined with maximum availability for all our systems.

That makes us unique

  • Realisation of special and demanding projects
  • Development of supply solutions for novel materials
  • Expertise for the use of hazardous materials (pyrophoric, toxic, corrosive, etc.)
  • In-house research and development department for high innovative strength

In addition to planning, design and manufacturing, SEMPA supplies and installs the highly functional systems on site and instructs in their safe use and handling.

What are we proud of?

We are particularly proud of two things that are mutually dependent - the outstanding quality of our products and our great team. During our more than 20-year company history, we have mastered all challenges together, supported each other and pushed each other forward. This is how products were and are created that set new standards and inspire our customers.

Being part of the global Meptagon Group now opens up new opportunities for us to operate worldwide and with an expanded product portfolio. In order to be able to achieve these goals, we are spreading our arms wide for new employees with heart, mind and vision.

SEMPA SYSTEMS not only offers its employees individual training opportunities. Internal development wishes are also promoted and implemented. In this way, every SEMPA SYSTEMS team member can follow their own career path without having to leave the company.

Direct Contact

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07629 Hermsdorf

T: +49 36601 926438