As a highly innovative and interdisciplinary company, we are a leading partner in thin-film technology. Since our foundation in 1992, we have established ourselves as a renowned company specialising in the production of high-precision electronic components and systems. Our range of services also includes product-oriented research and development of thin-film and nanotechnology.


Precision meets innovation: Customised solutions for sensor elements, precision resistor networks and thin-film technology

Our product segments include sensor technology, precision resistor networks and the general manufacture of coatings with thin-film structures. From sample quantities to large-scale production, we offer customised solutions that meet the highest quality standards. We are passionate about producing the highest quality and precision sensors specifically designed to measure pressure, force and temperature. Our pressure sensors, for example, are characterised by high long-term stability and high media flexibility.

For the resistance networks, we rely on our own CrNi functional layers. These offer unsurpassed performance in terms of tolerance, temperature coefficient and drift. You can rely on the highest accuracy and stability. In addition, we offer a wide range of options for the realisation of customised solutions.

Thin film structures for all industries: Experience, competence and precision from a single source

Whether aerospace technology, industrial applications, hydraulics, medical technology or oil and gas production - our thin-film structures are used in numerous industries. We are characterised by experience, competence and the highest precision in manufacturing; for example, with regard to highly integrated thin-film wiring or complex connection structures.  

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