Heat moves, heat shapes, heat fixes: Tridelta Thermprozess's precise, efficient and pollution-reducing process technologies turn raw materials into high-quality products. The demands placed on thermal systems in industrial production have risen sharply.

Energy efficient solutions for thermal process technologies

Today we are talking about accuracies in temperature distributions of up to ± 1K in the product range and freely programmable gas compositions of nitrogen, hydrogen and other reaction gases. Temperatures of up to 2,000 °C are required to impart the desired properties to high-tech materials. High standards of environmental protection require high precision in thermal insulation and emission treatment.

Alongside precise process control, energy efficiency plays a decisive role in our success on the market. We minimize energy losses in the process by means of effective waste gas heat recovery. With off-gas cleaning of the applied binder materials via catalytic or thermal post-combustion, effective energy utilization can be realized at off-gas temperatures of up to 800 °C.

Customized solutions from a single source

We offer tailor-made solutions from a single source for thermal apparatus engineering, a large vertical range of manufacture with our own design department and a maximum of customer and process orientation. With 35 highly qualified employees and over 25 years of experience in industrial furnace construction, we are a high-performance full-range supplier. We manufacture plants from concept to production start-up, precisely tailored to customer, process and environmental requirements.

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