Based on the know-how gained in more than 70 years of research, development and production of soft ferritic components, TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH is currently one of the largest producers in Europe. Our components find their way into photovoltaics, contactless energy and data transmission (keyword: contactless charging of electric vehicles), power transmission in general, systems for interference suppression and shielding, sensor components, etc. In general, it can be said that soft magnetic components in every electronic device manage the energy transmission and transformation and thus contribute to increasing energy efficiency.

Quality management from raw material to final component

We master the entire technological process, starting with the selection of raw materials and their characterization, processing, pressing, sintering and final hard machining. In a figurative sense, our components go "through the fire" for our customers. The core know-how includes high-performance materials with specially designed properties as well as customer-specific special components, which are brought into their final shape with high precision in the sintered state with the help of diamond tools.


One of the world's leading providers

As a globally operating company, we work closely with our customers on the continuous optimization of our materials and our components in order to make efficient components available to the market through outstanding technical properties. The major megatrends such as electromobility and the energy transition determine the requirements of our customers. We are a competent partner for these application-oriented, customer-specific designs of both materials and geometries.

What would the world lack if we didn't exist?

As an experienced and competent development and production partner, we offer our customers significant added value through interaction with new or existing assemblies and systems. Our broad product portfolio and the possibility of offering special designs make us a sought-after partner of the user industry.


What is the campus feeling for us?

The large number of highly innovative companies and research institutions at the location and the communication with each other are the ideal breeding ground for new ideas and forward-looking solutions. The organizational framework "Campus" helps to leverage the existing synergies.


What are we proud of?

We are constantly developing the knowledge acquired over the years by several generations of researchers. It thus forms a bridge between the tradition of the Hermsdorf location and future products. In addition, our products are installed in almost all electronic devices and are a building block in the reliable functioning of the same.


What career and development opportunities do we offer?

  • Supervision of project and final theses for students
  • Individual further training and qualifications
  • Promotion of personal development
  • Career opportunities within the company
  • Support for individual career goals

Direct Contact

TRIDELTA Weichferrite GmbH
Robert-Friese-Straße 8-10
07629 Hermsdorf (Thüringen)

T: +49 36601 9152200