VIA electronic was founded in 1997 at the Hermsdorf ceramics site. With the early focus on special applications and scientific applications, the intensive participation in research projects as well as in contract developments for the industry, the company succeeded in establishing itself continuously. Today, we are a sought-after development and manufacturing partner with a focus on LTCC multilayer ceramics.

LTCC multilayer ceramics for extreme application conditions

VIA electronic will become even more international in the future. The connection to KOA Japan, a manufacturer of passive components with a focus on resistors, creates completely new possibilities. For our customers, this will result in shorter distances between Europe and Asia. With VIA electronic, KOA will succeed in establishing its own European R&D site.

Our complex and sophisticated designs in multilayer ceramics lead to customized solutions realized as PCB, package, system in package (SiP) or multichip module based on LTCC, glass substrates or other ceramics. Our 27 employees have developed and realized more than 680 individual designs for customer-specific material systems.

All customers appreciate these special solutions, which also include applications in the field of connection technology or thermal management. The ceramic materials thus enable applications in the UHV (ultra-high vacuum) range, in the high and low temperature range and in the environment of aggressive media. VIA electronic serves markets in the industrial, aerospace, medical and scientific sectors. Our LTCC multilayer ceramics are used in sensor technology, high-frequency technology, high-temperature environments, fluidics, interposers and packages.

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